About Us

The Sultanate Council Sokoto

The Sultanate Council Sokoto is a Religious and traditional court in Northern Nigeria, Sokoto State; the Council was formed by the Sultan Muhammad Bello bin Usman bin Fodiyo at early of 19th Century, after struggles of the Jihad it is the centre of  preaching of Islam, Politics and Economics in the region until it fell to British  and   French colonial armies in the early 20th Century. Ruled by the Sultan of Sokoto and members of the Court Council the Sultan serves as the supreme spiritual leader of Muslims in Nigeria.


To facilitate peaceful coexistence, tolerance and better understanding amongst Traditional Leaders, Government and the people of different faiths and ethics for peace, unity and development economically and socially.


Our paradigm is Participation to build a society of Harmony, Justice, Peace and Development, where every individual can develop his natural endowments. Using enlightenment in different faiths as instrument in bring about living together in Nigeria and beyond.